Episode 1: Introduction & Quiz

Join myself, my brother Ben and our kissed by fire guest Nick in a Journey through the World of Ice and Fire, where we discuss everything we love about Game of Thrones.

This is the first episode in a new podcast where we argue about fan theories, talk about our favourite characters and debate where we would like the Song of Ice and Fire series to go.

It is aimed at people who have READ ALL THE BOOKS and will CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Occasionally, when we’ve had too much to drink and we’re feeling confident enough to expose our ignorance to the world, we do Game of Thrones based quizzes such as the one at the end of this episode.

We discuss several of the characters including Stannis Baratheon, Petyr Baelish, Dorran Martell and many others as we go through our favourite characters.

We also discuss what we would like to see in the HBO’s Game of Thrones series 5.

Finally is the quiz, where listeners can hear some truly shocking answers in the easy medium and hard question ranges.