Episode 5: Doran Martell & Petyr Baelish

What will Doran Martell do now Quentyn is dead at the hands of Daenerys’ dragons? Will he ally with Aegon or Stannis. Will it be Tristane or Arianne he looks to as the next ruler?
In the Citadel, spotted Pate has met his untimely demise at the hands of a faceless man, but who hired him and for what? Euron? The Bravossi? Or maybe someone else. And more importantly what is he doing there. The Citadel is a place of awesome power if you know where to look…
What about Baelish, the man behind the Game of Thrones? How will he attempt to sit the iron throne? The Tyrells perhaps or Daenerys and her legions of unsullied.
Join us on our journey discovering all the secrets that Song of Ice and Fire has to offer.