Episode 6: Arya, the leaked pitch & Season 5 trailor

Arya Stark is many people’s favourite character. Her interactions with the Hound and others have made great stories, but what will her role be as the books continue? Her list has many names, but most of them are dead. Will she try and kill Cercei, or Melisandre or might she have some other role?

With the death of Kevan Lannister and Grand Maester Pycelle the balance of power in King’s Landing will shift, but which of the parties will seize the opportunity? Cersei is in disgrace and the Tyrells seem to be holding all the cards. Margery is Queen, Mace is Hand and Olena is cunning.

The leaked pitch for the initial story of Game of Thrones has some interesting reveals. Most important of which is that Jon Snow is not Eddard’s son, and Sansa’s future looks less rosy.

Lastly, we discuss the season 5 advert and what the new series might entail. Jaime is in Dorne instead of Aerys Oakheart and Jorah is in the fighting pits. Which of the characters may die in the series before they do in the books?