Top Sci-Fi Classics

1. The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester

Rated highest by our SFSF panel, the story of Gully Foyle was universally admired for its fast pace and great story by all of us. We loved his development into monomania, and the tiger tattoo that rises to the surface when he gets angry.

We thought the transformation from space brute that chases the ship Vorga to the well spoken Geoffrey Fourmyle chasing its captain was excellently done.

2. The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story by Stephen Donaldson

The Real Story was certainly a short story and the constant rape and defilement may not be to the taste of some, but we felt the characters of Angus Thermopyle and Nick Succorso were extremely well developed for such a short book. We could see real people motivated by negative but very human emotions. Also Stephen Donaldson’s afterword added more levels to the book.

This book is a must read for all science fiction fans and fanatics.

3. Roadside Picnic by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky

Although we felt Roadside picnic did not develop the story as much as it could have, there was little question that we loved the premise of aliens leaving zones with lethal traps all around them.

The main character Redrick Schuhart was also very well developed and the deeper meaning behind the book was clear. It effectively portrayed a man destroyed by desperation and the limits to which people will go to protect what is theirs.

The ending was probably the most disappointing part of the book as it left a lot of questions unanswered, but at the same time none of our readers could put the book down. Like Buzzard Burbridge and all the other stalkers we could not get enough of the zone.

Episode 8: Trailer 2, Theon, Sansa and the army outside Winterfell

Theon Greyjoy has been through a lot; a hostage for the starks, rejection by his father Balon, drowning by his uncle Aeron, tricked by his sister Asha, abandoned by his men, and finally tortured past the point of breaking. But where is his story going? Will Stannis execute him as he says, or does George Martin have more install for the unluckiest man in Westeros?

The new trailer has several interesting split second intrigues, including Queen Selyse looking rather beaten, and Sansa Stark in the crypts of Winterfell…

Sansa, now Elaine the natural child of Petyr Baelish, has been through almost as much as Theon, at the hand of the dead Geoffry Baratheon, but is she becoming more than a girl who dreams of princes and lemon cakes? Will she be molded into a player by Littlefinger, or is she doomed to follow the path of her aunt Lysa?

Episode 7: Jaime, Brienne, the Tattered Prince and Aurane Waters

Brienne has been wandering around Westeros for some time now, meeting people and killing the bloody mummers wherever she finds them, but where is her story going? Will she kill Jaime for Lady Stoneheart or will she refuse and let Podrick and Hyle Hunt bite the dust?

Jaime Lannister is arrogant and narcissistic, but the loss of his hand has changed him, and he is slowly turning into the leader Tywin always wanted him to be. But will the transformation ever be complete or will he resume his old ways?

The Tattered Prince, who claims to have once ruled Pentos and desperately wants it back, is a mystery to most readers. We reveal several theories of who he might be and what he might want.

Finally Aurane Waters, the bastard of Driftmark, has stolen all of Cersei’s ships, but what does he intend to do with them?

Episode 6: Arya, the leaked pitch & Season 5 trailor

Arya Stark is many people’s favourite character. Her interactions with the Hound and others have made great stories, but what will her role be as the books continue? Her list has many names, but most of them are dead. Will she try and kill Cercei, or Melisandre or might she have some other role?

With the death of Kevan Lannister and Grand Maester Pycelle the balance of power in King’s Landing will shift, but which of the parties will seize the opportunity? Cersei is in disgrace and the Tyrells seem to be holding all the cards. Margery is Queen, Mace is Hand and Olena is cunning.

The leaked pitch for the initial story of Game of Thrones has some interesting reveals. Most important of which is that Jon Snow is not Eddard’s son, and Sansa’s future looks less rosy.

Lastly, we discuss the season 5 advert and what the new series might entail. Jaime is in Dorne instead of Aerys Oakheart and Jorah is in the fighting pits. Which of the characters may die in the series before they do in the books?

Episode 5: Doran Martell & Petyr Baelish

What will Doran Martell do now Quentyn is dead at the hands of Daenerys’ dragons? Will he ally with Aegon or Stannis. Will it be Tristane or Arianne he looks to as the next ruler?
In the Citadel, spotted Pate has met his untimely demise at the hands of a faceless man, but who hired him and for what? Euron? The Bravossi? Or maybe someone else. And more importantly what is he doing there. The Citadel is a place of awesome power if you know where to look…
What about Baelish, the man behind the Game of Thrones? How will he attempt to sit the iron throne? The Tyrells perhaps or Daenerys and her legions of unsullied.
Join us on our journey discovering all the secrets that Song of Ice and Fire has to offer.

Episode 4: Quiz

An epic struggle between two brothers competing to show who has the least terrible knowledge of the Song of Ice & Fire universe.

There is copious amounts of alcohol involved, and no listener could possibly be impressed by this display.

Episode 3: Who Will Betray Daenerys

Roose Bolton is a man who plays with other men, but what are his plans. Does he want the iron throne? Will he be satisfied with the North? Will he be killed by Stannis or the mystery army outside Winterfell? Will Ramsay Snow/Bolton murder him in his sleep?
Is Jaqen H’ghar actually Syrio Forel? And is there a link between the God of Many Faces and the Red God as is eluded to in the series?
Mainly we discuss the predictions made about Daenerys:
Three fires must you light . . . one for life and one for death and one to love . . .
Three mounts must you ride . . . one to bed and one to dread and one to love . . .
Three treasons will you know . . . once for blood and once for gold and once for love.
Who will they be?
Lastly, the Faith Militant are a rising power in Westeros, but who will they align with, and who will lead their armies. Possibilities are discussed.

Episode 2: Who Will Ride the Dragons

The dragon has three heads, but who will ride them? We discuss possible answers. What about the religions of Westeros: The Red God, The God of Many Faces, The Seven, The Old Gods and The Drowned God. Which of them are real and which are just nonsense?

Lastly what has happened to the Hound, Loras Tyrell, Brynden Tully and Varys? Are they planning something we haven’t seen, or are they just dead?

Find out in the second episode of our Game of Thrones podcast, Drunk on Ice & Fire.

Episode 1: Introduction & Quiz

Join myself, my brother Ben and our kissed by fire guest Nick in a Journey through the World of Ice and Fire, where we discuss everything we love about Game of Thrones.

This is the first episode in a new podcast where we argue about fan theories, talk about our favourite characters and debate where we would like the Song of Ice and Fire series to go.

It is aimed at people who have READ ALL THE BOOKS and will CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Occasionally, when we’ve had too much to drink and we’re feeling confident enough to expose our ignorance to the world, we do Game of Thrones based quizzes such as the one at the end of this episode.

We discuss several of the characters including Stannis Baratheon, Petyr Baelish, Dorran Martell and many others as we go through our favourite characters.

We also discuss what we would like to see in the HBO’s Game of Thrones series 5.

Finally is the quiz, where listeners can hear some truly shocking answers in the easy medium and hard question ranges.

Episode 1: Introduction to Book Club

Sci-fi lovers can join James, Reese and Antho, reading one science fiction book every month, which we discuss at the end of the month in the form of a competition with multiple games.

The book club is meant to be an interactive experience allowing listeners to gain more from what they read, whilst also introducing them to some great new sci-fi books by classic and sometimes unknown authors.